Courier Guide

Unlike many other web sites that have special rules and lots of fine print, has a transparent and clear shipping policy for all orders placed on our website, without any special exceptions. negotiates tough with partners to offer its customers the best available courier charges, No Hidden Charges, No Games!

  • We are committed to delivering your order accurately, in good condition, and always on time promised by us in our website.
  • Each order may be shipped only to a single destination address specified at the time of payment for that order. If you wish to ship products to different addresses, you shall need to place multiple orders.
  • We give it our all, to ship each item in your order within 2-3 working days of the order. However in some cases, we may take longer, up to 5 working days due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We ship our orders from (Monday to Saturday), excluding public holidays. This practice has been in place since 2018 to ensure that the right logistics firms deliver your packages through their best delivery dates and routes.
  • While we shall strive to ship all items in your order together, this may not always be possible due to product characteristics, or availability.
  • For any further information, Please contact us at